Dream Car Garage

Have you been waiting for your very own Car Show?

Well, your wait is over!! Dream Car Garage is an automotive magazine television show that has run for nearly a decade on the Fox SPEED Channel and it's ready for your channel!!

Produced and Hosted by Peter Klutt, President of Legendary Motorcar, Peter heads up a team of highly skilled restoration artists, mechanical geniuses and gifted craftsmen. Legendary Motorcar's new home in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada covers almost 40,000 square feet including a state of the art restoration facility, a showroom and a museum including some 100 examples of collector cars.

Each jam packed fast paced visually exciting episode of Dream Car Garage focuses on both modern and vintage road tests with additional segments on how-to for restorations. Dream Car Garage has become a program any car person instantly recognizes.

The show follows a successful and fan popular format that includes 2 to 3 minute segments on a season long restoration project, a modern dream car, race driving tips with champion race driver Ron Fellows, interesting car collectors, and vintage dream cars.

Dream Car Garage was designed to be timeless…just like cars!!!



A new music game show format that combines music, lyrics, pictures, Q&A, pop culture and "game within a game" elements to create a powerful "play as you watch" experience! .

It's the PEOPLE MAGAZINE of the music world! We cover all the people, places and events of popular music from movies, television, smash Broadway hits and -- of course -- the music business. From feature film debuts of recording artists, to songs used on TV commercials, FACE THE MUSIC will both challenge and entertain viewers in a fast paced and exciting new format.

This exciting new game show format incorporates tried and true television game show elements with "out of the box" creative thinking.



When audiences sit back and watch a television show, a concert, a sporting event or any big production it seems so simple to do

But audiences have no idea what it REALLY took to get their favorite game show series on air, or their favorite band's concert produced, or their favorite sporting event organized. UNTIL NOW! THE MAKING OF ... is a reality series that explores all parts of the process from the inception of an idea right through to the finished product.

THE MAKING OF... shows the entire production, management, operational and creative processes in a way that most people have never seen. Rarely smooth and easy, viewers will see the struggles, the conflicts, the disappointments and the joys inherent in putting together major events and TV shows of all genres. THE MAKING OF... will demonstrate the incredible journey and effort that it takes for an enormous group of talented people – often numbering in the hundreds – to come together and work towards a difficult yet common goal to complete a project.



You Asked For It takes its rightful place as the ultimate contemporary showcase for reality, stunts, the bizarre, the extreme, with true interactive and multi-media participation viewing.

For over 50 years, You Asked For It has been ahead of its time. Often referred to as the "granddaddy of all reality shows, "You Asked For It spawned a multitude of offspring along the way.

With 1800 clips ready for re-purposing, web site use, and pod casting, You Asked For It which ran in primetime is television's original reality/request show format is now a resource for international program production and development.


Format sold to Viacom in the USA for a Spring 2009 launch on MTV. For over 50 years, Name That Tune has provided new generations of viewers, producers and broadcasters the winning combination of music, entertainment and fun-filled competition.

As one of the most successful game shows in television history, Name That Tune offers broadcasters a proven "classic" game show that has been successful and adaptable for five decades. In fact, the show has had tremendous ratings success throughout the world: the United States, France, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Russia, to Vietnam !
The new format combines proven hit television elements with contemporary music and styles, creating a fast-paced, fun-filled music game show experience!


Retro Video

Video Clip Shows... there's a million of them on television, from "Caught On Tape," "World's Wackiest Police Chases" and "America's Funniest Home Videos," and we have to admit they are fun to watch. But you also have to admit that, for the most part, while they are all totally watchable, they are all still pretty similar: 

The car skids out of control... the stupid bank robber is caught on tape... the wedding ceremony has a kooky mishap.... the cute pet does something funny...   and it happens over and over and over again.


We've unearthed a vault of programming... a treasure trove of video so unbelievable that nothing can compare... we have gotten our hands on over 50 years of outrageous stunts and dangerous feats and bizarre people so rare and so unique that you almost won't believe it... and you will definitely never see anything like it ever performed again!   And it's called... Retro Video .

Retro Video is an incredibly shocking, fun, fast paced and visual new 52x30' clip show. Retro Video, hosted by comedian Tom Cotter, is a hip, modern series showcasing the most astonishing clips from the last 50 years all wrapped up neatly and hilariously by our entertaining host who has something to say before, after... and during each amazing video.


Total e-Clips is the "one stop shop," the "filter," the final destination for everyone and anyone who is entertained and turned on by the brilliant diversity taking place on the World Wide Web every single day. In our incredibly fast paced, visual, edgy, unique, show, we will bring you the bottomless well of brilliant, diverse, creative, and original clips that span across all genres. And joining us will be the millions of people who visit the internet each day along with countless other millions who want us to search out the best of the best and bring this content right into their living rooms.
Our format is perfect for virtually any day part, is completely evergreen, strippable, and multi-runnable. And the monetization opportunities, from engaging a world wide audience, are endless.

Literally, all day every day around the world, millions of people are signing on to countless sites like My Space, You Tube, and E-Baums World to watch massive quantities of original content created specifically for the web. Don't worry, we've done the work for you!

Total e-Clips is available in :30 minute episodes as well as for primetime International format sales. Existing content can be voiced over, dubbed, or contain sub-titles. It is your perfect primetime opportunity!

Total e-Clips... television for the next century!


On The Way To Xanadu is a fascinating documentary series that covers the "Silk Road" traveled by the great explorer Marco Polo from Asia Minor through the lands of the Mongolian Empire to Kublai Kahn's summer palace in Xanadu. This incomparable road was indeed the trade route that opened up the East to the West, but it was so much more as well. For it flourished not only for the purpose of trading in silk and other goods, but of the many other precious commodities available, from scientific and technical innovations to the ideologies, religions, philosophies, music, dances and many other cultural aspects that marked this Asian region.

In just 13 one-hour episodes your audience will travel the path that took Marco Polo three years to journey, and discover the very incredible visions of the life and the world that were introduced by the "Silk Road".

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